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The Duke of Wellington's Regiment

Fortune favours the brave

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This website is for you, the Regimental Family, which includes all those who have a link to the Regiment – Regulars, Reserves, Cadets, Families and Friends.

We aim to be a source of information about the Regiment, its members and its history, to provide news of Association events and activities and to share, through photo galleries, memories of service and comradeship in the Regiment.

For the ‘Dukes’ family it is a means by which we can continue to foster that unique spirit and camaraderie we all shared during our time in the Regiment, be that on operational tours or when serving in the less well known corners of the globe. To be successful it needs to be more than just a source of information. It is also a means by which all of can pass on details of events and activities that any of us may be planning that may be of interest to the wider Regimental family as well as passing on important news about fellow ‘Dukes’ and sharing memories through the photo gallery.

Meanwhile our journal, the Iron Duke, will continue for the foreseeable future. I encourage you all to consider submitting for publication any articles that you feel would be of interest. Finally there is Facebook where we hope to link formally with the Dukes website so providing us with a fully integrated communications platform to keep us in touch.

Virtutis Fortuna Comes.

Andrew Meek



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The 'Dukes'

  • Raised in 1702 and numbered the 33rd in 1751
  • The County Regiment of the West Riding of Yorkshire for over 250 years
  • Named after the Duke of Wellington by Queen Victoria in 1854 in honour and recognition of the 'Iron Duke’s' uniquely close ties to the Regiment
  • Amalgamated with the 76th (Hindoostan) Regiment in 1881
  • The Regiment's name is synonymous with Rugby in the British Army
  • In 2006 we were amalgamated with the other Yorkshire infantry regiments to form the Yorkshire Regiment
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