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JIB Shorncliffe Reunion 16 September 2017

JIB Sir John Moore Barracks Shorncliffe Kent opened in September 1967


Dear ex Junior Soldier from JIB

I have been asked by three veterans from the DWR, to see if there is an appetite for a reunion this 16th September 2017.

50 years ago the camp opened its gates to 1000, 15 year olds. The gathering would be for anyone that started out in JIB. All three of the DWR lads started their army careers off as junior solders in Sir John Moore Barracks.  I did myself.

I have had permission to host some kind of reunion from the Commanding officer 2RGR who are in the camp and presently in Afghanistan.

No work has taken place for this event as it would only go ahead if there was sufficient interest.

I am very aware of a successful association in existence that represents all past junior soldiers from all the old junior camps.

I am asking the C2 infantry in Warminster to kindly pass this to all RHQs and AHQs representing the infantry regiments, past and present, and for him to kindly push on to the regimental associations, belonging to regiments, that they have contact with this should in theory, hit the right spot. When and if you get this please think of others you have contact with and get back to me if you are interested.

This proposed reunion would be open to all JIB/JLB recruits and adult instructors.

I work for the Yorkshire Regiment in an office, in the Green Howard Museum Richmond.

We could be looking at a really big response or nothing at all, big things can come from small ideas over a pint in a pub, lets see.


Major (Retired ) Ralph MM


T:  01748822133


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IBB and IJLB Association 2017 Reunion