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Regimental Memorial Fund – A Message from Brigadier Meek


As regular viewers will have already noticed there is an additional tab to the page which contains all the details of the planned Memorial to the Regiment. This is a most exciting project because it will mark the Regiment’s 300 year history, a history that covers all the major wars and campaigns this country was involved in throughout that period. Not only will the Memorial celebrate our unique history but it will formally commemorate everyone who served in all battalions as well as the families that supported those who served. Furthermore it will be the first memorial of any kind to be erected in the centre of Halifax – we will have a pride of place in our home town.


Naturally there is a challenge to this project which is raising the required money and I would hope that everyone who has any form of connection with the Regiment will give to the appeal because without such support the Regiment could quickly be forgotten over time and this I am determined will not happen.



Brigadier Andrew Meek