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Sale of Silver and other property

Following the closure of the Regimental Headquarters building at Wellesley Park and the move of the Association Office and Archives to Bankfield Museum; The Association Trustees decided that excess Silver and other property, such as paintings and various prints, etc, owned by the Association for use within Wellesley, which were no longer required should be sold off. Proceeds of the sale will go to the Regimental Memorial fund. The sale was in three categories:-

List 1. Silent Auction bids for the more desirable items. The minimum value for the silver items is based on the silver weight. Auction closed

List 2. Fixed price list, based on silver weight or a predetermined price for non-silver items. Auction closed

List 3. Miscellaneous items, with a fixed price, available for cash purchase. See photos of items still available for sale.

NB: Property items purchased (List 3 only) must be taken on the day of purchase.


Silver Silent Bid Auction Items, with some fixed bid , Cutlery, items
Silent Bid Items
Fixed Price Items
Fixed Price Items










Viewing has now ended. Silent auction sealed bids will be opened and the succesful bidders notified.