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Holocaust Memorial Day – Colonel Nick Borwell

To All members.

Colonel Nick Borwell will be giving a short talk, in Halifax Minster, as part of Holocaust Memorial Day, on the part 1DWR played in protecting the Bosnians of Gorazde from the Serbian Army during the Yugoslavian Civil War of 1994. Essentially they prevented a similar massacre/ ethnic cleansing of the Bosnians by Ratko Vladic’s Serbian Army to that which the Bosnians had suffered at the Serb’s hands in Tusla and Srebrinica. 

The Service is at 6.00 pm on Monday 27th January, in Halifax Minster.

It would be great if some Dukes could be there.


Colonel Borwell left the British Army as a Colonel in 2005 having serveda full career in the Infantry and as a staff officer.

He was commissioned into the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and went on to command it from 1999-2002.

His service took him across the globe and through a number of adventures.

Along the way he collected an OBE (Kosovo), two Mentions in Despatches (Northern Ireland and Bosnia) and a United States Commanding General’s Commendation (Afghanistan).