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Charles Bunbury died in Ipswich Hospital. His health had been slowly deteriorating, with several admissions to hospital, with the last culminating in a foot amputation, due to vascular disease.  This, in combination with an unusual form of blood cancer which can usually be kept under control, proved too much.

Charles’s father commanded the 1st Battalion in Korea. And his great grandfather, was minister for war in 1815 and was despatched to Portsmouth to inform Napoleon that he was being consigned to St Helena rather than America as Napoleon was hoping. So he has an illustrious military heritage – though as our Somme Company Commander, of many years ago, you may have been surprised.

Charles was the Community Liaison Officer in Londonderry and used to go into all the PIRA pubs in the Bogside and Creggan with jacket, Regimental tie and dog to talk to all the ‘players’. They always respected that he was a safe conduit for communication and never harmed him.