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Yorkshire Regimental Changes

25th January 2013

See the Association Presidents letter here:-

There is a letter from Major General Binns, Colonel of The Yorkshire Regiment. Plus a downloadable document, laying out the official changes to take place later on this year.


Forget the rumours, this is the official policy. In a nutshell the changes are as follows:-

Later this year the 2nd Bn (Green Howards, currently in Cyprus) is to be merged into the 1st & 3rd Battalions and the 'Green Howards' will cease to exist. This will take place in august when the 1st Battalion (Prince of Wales Own), currently in Germany, move to Cyprus to take over duties from the 2nd Bn (Green Howards). The 1st Bn (Prince of Wales Own) will then be renumbered as the 2nd Bn. The 3rd Bn (Duke of Wellington's) will be renumbered as the 1st Bn in late July. The antecedent regimental names of the 'Prince of Wales Own' and the 'Duke of Wellington's' will cease to be used

The 3rd Bn will take over the 1st Bn's, with the 3rd Bn Colour laid up. The 1st Bn will take over the 2nd Bn Colour and the Honorary 76th Regimental Colours brought forward by the 3rd Bn (Duke of Wellington's) will be shared by both regular Battalions on an annular rotational basis.

The TA 4th Bn will retain it's current number.