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The Regimental Quick March is The Wellesley, reputedly discovered in the papers of the 1st Duke after his death. This was officially approved in 1883, with an additional bugle fanfare (the Seed arrangement) being approved in 1988. The Regimental Slow Marches were Destiny (from the 33rd) and Logie O’ Buchan (76th). Other airs were adopted by the Regiment including: Ilkla Moor, The British Grenadiers, Grenadiers Slow March, Scotland the Brave (the unofficial march of the 76th), My Girls a Yorkshire Girl and Ode to Joy, introduced in Minden by Lt Col Mundell when Commanding Officer of the 1st Battalion. Hootenanny was played at Officers’ Mess Guest Nights. Drumsticks was introduced by the Regimental Corp of Drums in Minden, in the late 1970s.The Rugby Song was sung by the Rugby Team and it’s supporters at every conceivable opportunity.


The Wellesley – the Regimental Quick March

Destiny – the Regimental Slow March (33rd)

Logie O’ Buchan – Slow March (76th)

Ilka Moor

The British Grenadiers

Grenadiers Slow March

Scotland The Brave – Unofficial march of the 76th

My Girls a Yorkshire Girl

Ode to Joy



The Rugby Song




The Wellesley - Sheet Music